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20th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s Death


R.I.P. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death (February 20, 1967 – c. April 5, 1994). 20 years, that’s amazing right? I was the biggest Nirvana fan I know. I layered my clothes, I played left handed, I was in a 3 piece rock band… I screamed a lot, and even smashed my guitar up. I still play Bleach in the car. I miss you Kurt, always will.

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War Is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono

Yesterday I checked out the work of legendary artist, peace activist and musician – Yoko Ono – at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Loved it, if anything I wanted more!

War Is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono ends this weekend. For more info visit:

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Flying a kite with Miles







My brother-in-law Richie called me down to the end of my street to fly a kite with my nephew Miles earlier today. Miles is growing up so fast, he’s a little man now!

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Haircut, the first since I was 15

Sitting nervous, excited!

Hey Mimi!

Al done! Really happy, no more mullet, can’t quite see the grey highlights but they’re there!

I’ve been cutting my own hair with clippers ever since high school. IE: I’ve never gone to a hairdresser since I was around 15 years old! The broners have been really getting into going to the barbers together, and they’ve inspired me to get my hair cut.

A few years ago ex-JDMST Moderator and good mate Shiri/Carey introduced me to Mimi, a friend of his. Carey’s always got rad hair and always praised how awesome a hairdresser Mimi is, so booking in with her was a no brainer!

Mimi works at Dj’s Hair Artistry, on the lower floor of Westfields in the city. Nanami came along for some support and guidance. I really wanted to get rid of my mullet (which I’ve had forever), Mimi sold me on the cut and Nanami suggested the light grey streaks. Loved the head massage (lol), no idea how I’m going to maintain this on my own, but I’m really happy and would highly recommend a booking with Mimi (who’s such a rad chick!).

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Last Night’s Party

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Meet baby Leo!


My sisters 2nd baby boy! 3.3kg and born 7.30AM yesterday. Not having to buy girls toys for B’day pressies every year? Priceless!

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Hangs at Veds

Anton’s new watch from Deus. Face is MASSIVE. Have to admit I’m jealous of people who can wear big faced watches… my wrists are just too thin!

Danny’s GSXR. A WIP but it already sounds and looks amazing.

Ved’s incredible Chicken Schnitzel.

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Instagram Faves


Something I’ve been wanting to do for a bit. Thought I’d combine my fave instagram shots into one Flickr album. Check:

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Christmas 2013

Little Miles, buried in pressies!

Damn toys are amazing these days.

Richie’s home brews.

Nyaw, grumpy (because I woke them up for the shot!) pussy cats Layla and Jasper.

Miles has a car bed!!!

Love it that my sister has a few Fox related prints around her house.

My Auntie Helen’s always had wild taste in fashion.

My Uncle Bernard came as Santa!

My haul!

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Nanami Harley-Davidson Helmet Feature

That detail.

Nana’s show is on tonight, and she’s still frantically working on her piece right now (!). I’ve just published a feature on Zen of her progress from start to end. Visit:

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