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Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip

Bags packed, have been looking forward to this much deserved break for a while now. Matt picked me up from Zen and on route we were discussing where we were going to stay. A jetty, a cinema room… it all sounded way too familiar, turns out it was the house next door to the amazing place I stayed at last year.

The house on the left is the one I stayed at last year, we were staying in the one on the right, also such a great house.

Was so awesome to be back here. Such an amazing place.

We were all together to celebrate Jing’s B’day, which we did last year at The Entrance, this year we were treated to an amazing strawberry and watermelon B’day cake by Black Star Pastry!

The B’day boy. Couldn’t get over Jing’s new hairstyle for at least the first 20 minutes, haha.

We hit the grog pretty late last night, coffee and breakfast set us right in no time.

Jing’s Audi Allroad (I love it!).

Such a nice place to be inside. A short drive to Pelican to hire some boats for the day.

Pelicans at Pelican!

Unfortunately we failed to get a house boat, so we had to settle for 2 dinghy’s instead.

We collectively caught a lot of Brim (I only managed to catch one), but none of them were of legal size, still great fun though!

Winnie made a killer spag bol for dinner. So so good.

And she also made pizza! Home made bases and all!

Late afternoon chills on the jetty.

Cards by night.

We had a late checkout and ended up making the most of it, the boys ended up taking the house supplied dinghy and canoes for a fish on the river.

So cute. Ethan upset that his Dad was rowing back to Vietnam!

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Drive to Berry

Yesterday Jess woke me up with an SMS; she was keen to get out of the city and felt like taking her mint 50,000km DC2R out for a blat as (sadly) she’s about to sell it soon.

We hit the Royal National Park and the plan was to visit Berry, a lovely small town in the Shoalhaven region located about 90 minutes outside of Sydney.

There’s always a slow Camry driver out at the RNP!

Just the sign we were looking for.

Jess’ DC2R. So clean, perhaps the cleanest and lowest km’s in the country.

Hey Dennis! Great day, great company!

Cuckoo Corner. Visiting small towns always feels like going back in time.

Driver looked like a dog.

New Yorker sandwich from The Emporium Food Co. Pastrami, artichoke, capsicum mayo and lettuce, delish!

Britannia sandwich; rare roast beef, horseradish. cucumber and tomato.


Nyaw puppy!

Spotted on route to The Treat Factory.

We spent up in here. Jams, pasta sauces, chocolates and sweets!

Hot fresh finger burning made to order donuts on the main strip.

Spotted this life sized wicker Harley in a shop window.

She’ll be mine one day. With an RB26 powerplant of-course!

On route home, gliders and god rays at Stanwell Park. It’s always freaky watching them take off.

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Catalina Raceway Katoomba




Adventure Time! Earlier this week we hit the road to discover Catalina Park, a disused motor racing venue located at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains.

So special, so emotional. Check out the entire feature here:

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Melbourne Road Trip Part 2

Good morning Zen.

Morning Hugs – Lauren and Matty.

A German, a Japanese and an Aussie walk in to a bar…

First Stop: Car Wash.

Then a quick bite to eat.

Wide Load – Checking out Matty’s place to be by the beach.

Zen Cycling Squad. Couldn’t resist a blat on these hire bikes. Great fun for $2.60!

At Cookie’s rooftop bar for a refreshing bevy.

Then I forced the boys to choose a macaron each from  La Belle Miette on Hardware Lane. Minds were blown. Cute ladies serving asked about Zen, and thought we were a dance crew (lol).

The plan today was to get cuts at the Barbers on Hardware Lane, unfortunately we got there too late and they were shut. In desperation we came across a random hairdressers, not quite the same experience, but they did the job!

Happy Matty.

Happy Mark.

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Caryn & Greg’s Wedding Byron Bay

Obligatory plane shot. I slept all the way as usual (teleporting is my specialty!).

Top Shop has changed! SO trendy now, amazing food and coffee!

Healthy hearty Byron Bay goodness. Made with so much love.

Caryn let Liz, Pete, Nancy and I rent her parent’s Solaris apartment. I’ve stayed in this very apartment when it was first built many years ago and fell in love with this silk painting of a lion fish. Loved seeing it again, and staying there again, such a sweet spot right on the main beach.

The plunge pool outside. Solaris has aged so well.

Dinner at Tree House the night before the wedding gave us all a chance to catch up with faces we hadn’t seen in over 10 years. Was a great night, live music, great food and amazing company (they make a really nice beer in-house too!).

Glorious Byron Bay food. I felt healthier with each bite!

We made it!

David walking Caryn down the aisle with Honey (who stole the show!).

Caryn and Greg. So so sweet.

Poached eggs with sourdough toast + pulled pork and chipotle relish at Bayleaf Cafe.

This poor puppy had to endure the ‘leave the bacon on the nose until told’ trick over and over again.

Pete’s T-shirt. Love it. Can you name them all? I could pretty easily!

Spotted at the airport on the way home.

Had a great weekend up in Byron for Caryn and Greg’s wedding. I went out with Caryn for 7 years. She was my hippy surfer girl. We first met when I was still doing my design internship during my last year of uni and we ended up running a really successful design business for many years (we even kept running it after we separated).

We’ve remained good friends since (I love that), and I couldn’t be happier that she’s met her man, Greg who I thought was a champ from the very first time I met him many years ago.

The wedding was so so sweet. Especially the heartfelt speeches. I’m honoured to be surrounded by such great friends. I’m also so glad I’ve been making the time to get out and do things lately. I impress myself! Once upon a time I was so lazy that I just found it easier to say no than yes, but this year has been a great year so far. I’ve done so much and feel like there’s a whole lot more to come.

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Jamie’s hand made pressie to me, succulents! I’ve always wanted a succulent garden!

It even came with a spray bottle and this lovely card. She’s a talented cookie isn’t she?!

Richie the home brewer gave me this bottle and it’s delicious as expected (almost smashed it all last night!).

Mum gave me this little dude, and card. I was mad on robots as a kid. still remember the robot B’day cake mum made me, which looked a lot like this little fella!

My pressie to myself. Burton luggage complete with skate wheels. I did want Herschel luggage to go with the rest of my gear, but failed to find a plain black one in time for this weekend’s Byron trip so I settled for this instead.

Been so busy lately, and updating this blog less as less as I’ve been too lazy to take the GF1 out (and instead I’m relying on my iPhone + facebook + instagram). I’m off to Byron today for Caryn’s wedding. Pretty excited! I’ve packed the GF1, will be sure to take a few snaps! :)

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NSW to QLD road trip video


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All Stars Gold Coast Video

All Stars ‘East Coast Tour QLD’ from JRH Media on Vimeo.

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All Stars Gold Coast

The Holy Grail.

The boss’ toy. Spotted this in the garage next door to the Subway.

Nature Boner.

The last stop, we’re almost there.

Our house from the outside.

Awesome by night, even better in the morning (despite having a huge one on our first night).

Pimp kitchen.

Pool table went off all weekend.

We had our own private jetty too (shame I didn’t bring the rods!).

Hitting the strip was hilarious. The Maloo turns so many heads on looks alone, then my car confuses with it’s loud supercharger whine, then Dom’s intense GT-R just completes the diverse 3.

Back at the house, double apple sesh.

Love a rental house with nice things in it.

Hey Iris. The only (brave) girl bunking in the house.


Paul and Glenny Boy.

Glenn trying to sneak up on a sting ray.

Media station.

Dat ass again.

Our Zen stand at All Stars Gold Coast.

Epic day was epic. The show from above.

Sergio’s catch.

Farewell group shot.

Waiting out front for the Acquired Taste boys.

On the long road home I got excited every time we came across tunnels.


Late lunch at Coffs.

That sunset.

Last Thursday morning the Zen Garage/All Stars Crew + Acquired Taste boys hit the road to Queensland for All Stars on the Gold Coast. The trip up was awesome, much classic karaoke was had and our convoy of car porn really made the epic trek feel a little easier.

The pimp house which greeted us was icing on the cake. Fantastic kitchen, a swimming pool, a pool table too. We partied hard that night (and every night after that).

QLD really turned on the weather, every single day was perfect. On the Sunday we set up early and our jaws dropped at the quality of the cars rolling in. The day was epic, the vibe was electric. The venue was so classy and the people were too. No hoons, perfect behaviour from everyone in attendance, even the cops who were doing laps in their buggy loved the show.

There will be a billion and one photos from the event popping up in the internet over the next few weeks (I missed a LOT of the action). In the meantime click here to check out some photos from the Downshift crew.

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Field Trip Melbourne 2013

Long story short, but I was the first to get in and I didn’t have a key, and the guy on the phone at Quest didn’t have my booking. I sat outside and had to wait for him to let me in. Once I was in I ducked out to buy some beer and a bottle of red. I just popped the red, started to relax and I got a call from the Quest guy saying I’m in the wrong room and that a party of 6 were in the lobby trying to get in (they couldn’t as I took the key in the security key deposit out on the street). Zann then rocks up, and luckily for us they had another room to put us in for the night.

Damien got in the next day and along with some volunteers we spent the afternoon packing the Field Trip tote bags with all sorts of goodies form our sponsors. Late that night back at the apartment Zann got his ticket scanning gear sorted.

6am we were at ACMI Fed Square setting up.

A tote bag on every seat in the house! Seriously sweaty work!

8.30am and the doors were open for registration.

3 speakers in and it was lunch time. Charlotte from the Jacky Winter Group killed it with this amazing lunch box for us. Love eating in Melbourne, so good!

Typographer Luke Lucas was a standout. Love his work. Also, Mimi Leung blew my mind, her process is so fresh.

Panel discussion with all speakers.

An enso on the wall at the apartment, was meant to be! :)

Damien left super early on Saturday morning, then there were 2 again. A Garry Trinh inspired shot of Zann and I.

Hosier Lane is always worth the visit.

Spotted a Low Bicycle. Love the look of these.

Heard good things about the Meatball & Wine Bar. An hour wait, but we were all up for it!

Right into the wine (I’ve forgotten what I ordered, but damn it was smooth).

Sliders were delicious!

Meatballs! The pork meatball with pesto sauce on smashed potato was such a killer combo.

Happy Zann.

Mei and Colin were in town too, so good to catch up with these guys again so soon (after Easter break).

The amazing Todd Proctor in the house.

We hit numerous pubs and in search of more food towards the end of the night we hit Chin Chin.

Chin Chin was shut upstairs, so we settled for their bar downstairs where we found a DJ spinning some pretty awesome tunes.

Paul Kotz, Zann and Todd. Both Paul and Todd run Small Studio, be sure to check them out.

Home, so beautiful.

Had an epic weekend in Melbourne for Field Trip which was a sold out event and went really really well. So glad that Zann organised for both him and I to have that once extra night just to come back down to Earth post event.

I’m exhausted, didn’t help that I went straight to an event in Sydney once I got off the plane! More on that event soon. Right now I’ve got to crash.

EDIT: We had a pro shooter on the day, some of his (amazing) pics are up here.

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