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Mimi Kumai Haircut No.2



Recently I had my first haircut since I was 15, and it’s been growing out, fast as expected. I’ve thought about cutting my own hair again, but I doubt I’d pull it off so I contacted Mimi Kumai again, and somehow managed to con her into coming over to my place to cut my hair on a day off (both her day off and mine as well!).

SO happy :) Mimi’s off to Japan to live soon too, pretty sad considering I’ve only just found her! If you’re after one of her cuts, be sure to book her in ASAP.

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Jump around, jump around. Jump up jump up and get down! Nanami and I finally got to Stonehenge, a re-imagined life-size inflatable at Hyde Park. Rolled my ankle (lol old man) but had heaps of fun!

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Could not resist checking out ‘Cranium’, a skull art exhibition held at M2 Gallery in Surry Hills (because I love skulls!).

The Dirt. My fave piece on the night.

Skateboard Parking Only.

I so need a Sophia Fitzpatrick ring!

Mike Watt’s piece could have been mine if I didn’t rock up so late.

Dressed for the occasion. Lachlan Bruce’s back.

Loved Amy Sutherland’s working retro fridge.

The infamous Young Henrys!

Amazing piece by Meghan Byrne.

Yup, wow. Loved both pieces by Atong Atem.

Lovely piece by Caryn Griffin.

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Wasted Years

As seedy as you like.

Live music even.


Krystal Le.

Hayley Zena Jamieson.

Amy Veronica.

Celebrated Krysti’s 20th at Wasted Years last night with Rob and Glenn. Krysti got her live art on, was a good night hanging out with arty girls. More pics on Zen:

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Owning oneself

MKVR32 vs MX-5.

Not sure what it is about making my life harder for myself, creating problems to keep life interesting? Maybe it’s just a guy thing, or maybe it’s just me?

Last week I decided, out of the blue, to put my MKVR32 Golf up for sale. I put it on forums, as well as carsales. Once I had put the word out I couldn’t help but refresh forum threads, and check messages on my phone in hope that someone would just buy it.

Why did I put it up for sale? The MX-5 has lots to do with it. It’s just such a fun toy car to play with, and I want to modify it much more, and I figured that selling the Golf would give me plenty of cash to play with… but that’s just so illogical as the toy then takes priority over everything else. I quickly realised I was doing it all wrong and I’ve since removed all the classifieds posts, even the listing on carsales (that was a waste of $100!).

I’ve just got to chill out on the MX-5 and stop buying so much shit for it. It’s a toy. It’s never going to be my main daily driver because I’m not sure I could live with it (image issues, and there will always be times when I’m in the MX-5 yet wish I was in my other car/s).

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Game Over


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Hate mail

136 comments in a matter of minutes, this kept my Monday amusing!

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The Jury

Totally random, but totally awesome. Simon McIntyre, whom I went to Design School with, just posted this up on Facebook. It’s an album that Shannon, Arron and I recorded and distributed on cassette tape circa 1993, or so (?!). I remember cutting and pasting the cassette cover using art from a Heavy Metal comic book, kinda digging the hand drawn logo design too!

I’ve still got the original recordings online. I’m on guitar, and it’s me singing (if you can call it that), Shannon Taylor on drums, Arron Fletcher on Bass. If you care to listen visit:

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Natacha Merritt

Signed, sealed, delivered, she’s mine!

One of the lesser explicit spreads.

I’ve been a Natacha Merritt fan since picking up her first book at Ariel bookstore in 2000. It was so confronting (even for me!) that I had to have it. I even remember being a little shy to hand it over the counter due to how explicit it was.

In 2002 I got to meet her when she came out to AGIdeas conference in Melbourne (here’s a photo of her and I), and despite a lot of people writing her work off as porn not art I was all the more convinced she’s the real deal.

A few weeks ago I got an email from her publisher in relation to her new book. I’ve not kept in touch with what Natacha’s been doing since 2002, turns out she’s now a biologist and her latest book Sexual Selection compares and contrasts the sexual intricacies of plants and insects with her own elaborate sexuality.

It’s awesome. I love it. Not everyone’s cup of tea, definitely not for the everyday coffee table, but definitely sits proud on mine :)

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The Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think

V8 YO!

Sean treated me to a showing of The Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think last night at Event Cinemas in the city. I’m a HUGE Chemical Brothers fan (they got me into electronic music after metal… and chemical abuse too naturally) so I was pretty hyped up about the event, especially after reading a little about it (tried not to, but couldn’t help myself). Shot in Japan with an aim to capture the audience go through highs of their set AND captured in Dolby 7.1… it all sounded like a HUGE prick tease (what are we meant to do in a cinema? Get up and dance?!)

Dance, people did, but just 5 minutes in Sean and I knew something was drastically wrong. Whilst the audience were screaming to turn it up, the volume wasn’t the problem… the problem was there was NO BASS. I mean, seriously, no bass. NO BASS! No feeling! Sean ran out to complain a few times, eventually the cinema manager came in and agreed the sound was wrong but there was nothing she could do about it.

Sigh. What a waste… :(

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