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Lebanese BBQ

Stuff gas, charcoal FTW!

What a feast!

Fattoush! Best salad Ive had in a while.

Ved’s housemate Sam cooked an amazing Lebanese BBQ last night for Ved’s B’day. Food coma. Was epic, such a mad treat!

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Lemonia Cafe Annandale

I’ve driven past this little cafe many times, but have never bothered to park up and give it a go until this morning. Plenty of of street parking, cute fit-out, great vibes and the food was delish!

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Miso Good. Highly reccommend the cold Honey Green Tea, literally tastes like melted down green tea icecream!

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Black Star Pastry

Black Star Pastry Rosebery. Love the spacious, high ceiling space.

Love a good pie. Jess and I shared a lamb shank and red wine pie as well as a beef brisket pie.

As pretty as it gets?!

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Adriano Zumbo

Forget the so so chocolate cake in the background, the strawberry thing was where it was at.

Finally got to his shop just up the road from me in Waverly. It’s so close! Will have to visit some more for sure!

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Reuben Hills

Walking around my old hood, Surry Hills.

What a spot!

And what the hell is that?!

I like it!

Reuben Hills. Whoo hoo! Yet another hipster style cafe serving up American comfort food!

How could we not order the chicken? Was so tender, juicy and tasty. Yum yum.

The blackbean and portk stew was hearty, really yummy.

Dropped past OutrĂ© Gallery and couldn’t resist buying myself this signed Shepard Fairey print. Cheap, and reminds me of a Japan trip many years ago where I saw it splattered all over the place.

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Three Williams

Three Williams in Redfern.

Housemade flat bread with glazed beef brisket with slaw, gherkins and chipotle mayonnaise.

Grilled prawns and smashed avocado. Flavours? Mexican Tacos basically. Can’t say I was blown away.

Jess’ amazing DC2R has only 50,000kms on the clock. It looks as goes as new. It’s for sale too, if keen, drop me a message.

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Scrag End


If you enjoy food, you might enjoy a copy of new food media production Scrag End. It’s a journal that’s focussed on divulging the stories beyond the plates by going further than offering photos and recipes.

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Post WTAC Blues

Aleks checking out the new Speedhunters book (which is so high res it’s like viewing images on a screen!).

With WTAC over, the original plan was to go snorkelling at Clovelly Beach but Creative Director of Speedhunters Rod Chong desperately wanted Yum Cha, which he says is not available in Stockholm, so we happily obliged!

Sebastian Dalle Carbonare. Our very own Seb Voll is a massive Dino fan so we thought we’d put Dino’s signature white frames on him haha.

After dropping Rod off to the airport we decided to walk down to the rock pool at the end of my street.

Had a dip, so refreshing. Really needed it!

We then feasted at Churrasco Coogee Beach. Always satisfying!

Coogee Beach, then goodbyes to Dino who’s now back home in Japan.

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Post WTAC hangs

Spent the day hanging out with our WTAC guests today. Rad day out! I’ve only just gotten home. I’m exhausted!

Hey Ved! First stop; Deus for brunch and some drinks to celebrate.

Carby Tuckwell’s amazing work. He was a mentor of mine when I did my internship at a company called Bold (which he shared office space in) during design school.

Great minds think alike! We ran into Ian Baker, the man behind WTAC and his mate Michael who manages race car drivers (including F1!).

Anton and Serg. More drinks yayer!

Hailey and Adam.

Boston Beans.

Hey Krysti!

Made a quick stop off at Zen to unload some stock which was in the boot of my car. Hailey got acquainted with Frankie our pet snake.

We then headed to the Opera Bar.


Luke, Adam and I found it a little too hot under the sun so we ducked in to the MCA to check out some art.

I always love checking out the key to the Opera House.

We’d been watching this crow try to crack open a nut for about 5 minutes, then Hails decided to crack it open for him, what a gal!

Food, and more drinks!

Luke and Inessa who’s a Playboy Bunny and Rally Driver from Russia.

From Russia with Love. Inessa gave me a packet of her smokes haha.

Inessa and I.

Then we had a private viewing of Rush at the Dendy (pretty much as we were the only people in there!) with Mad Mike, Rod, Dino and Brad from Speedhunters. Movie killed me, so emotional. I absolutely loved it.

Mad Mike and Inessa.

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