Aus Infront Presents: Sounds & Visions

Speakers getting to know each other in the ‘Green Room’, hidden deep behind Apple’s Store facade.

Ready to hit the stage: Rhett, Damien, Dave, Sonny and Andy.

On stage.

As always we hit the awesome Grasshopper Bar afterwards for epic catch-ups and much chin wagging.

‘Aus Infront Presents’ is a series of talks put together by the team at Aus Infront (myself, Damien and Zaan) and Apple. Set to inspire and challenge – these talks will feature leading Australian creatives across a number of fields. Open to the general public, these talks are completely free.

Our twelfth talk last night was a panel discussion on the topic ‘Sounds & Visions’, regarding art and design in the music industry. On the stage we had Sonny Day from WBYK, Andy Kelly from Winterman & Goldstein, David Homer from design studio Debaser and director Rhett Wade-Ferrell from Moopjaw.

Made for an inspirational insight, especially the Q&A session at the end.

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